Sales Management and Consultancy

Project sales and lease-up services designed to offer optimal sales results, in not so optimal markets.

Landing we will sell in the project

Regardless of your project’s stage we will sell it

From launch to close out, we can put together a team to sell and/or lease your development. For a free confidential evaluation and fee proposal Click Here


We take your online leads seriously

Over 95% of online leads never receive a second follow up. Our teams are trained to engage your leads until they become active buyers or opt out of the communication.


Scalable sales structure

Regardless of project size and budget we will be able to design and implement a sales team ideal for your development.


More information means more sales

From mystery sales team shops to competitor shops, we strive to provide the most current information to you.

We focus on systems that generate sales even in tough markets

Engagement Packages

Comprehensive leads engagement packages that include a ten day program, online chat assistance with a five minute email response time.

Weekly Meeting

Neighbourhood outreach programs to maximize awareness.

Weekly Training Sessions

Weekly information and training sessions for our sales teams to keep them focused on developing new sales trends, that will give them a distinct advantage.

Development of Demographic

Development of Demographic, Psychographic, and Ethnic segmented buyer profiles, based on your product’s location and selling propositions.

Sales and Marketing Meetings

Weekly sales and marketing meetings to discuss tactics and strategies. An opportunity to share insights in consumer behaviors and marketing messaging.

Daily and Weekly Report

Daily and Weekly traffic and leads reporting to ensure that marketing efforts can be addressed in real time.

Realtor Programs

Development of Realtor programs and coordination of open house events to enhance sales opportunities.